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Startup Clubs

“A Startup Club helps you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and refine your leadership skills.”


What is a Startup Club?

A Startup Club is a club run by students to:

  • Practice and promote entrepreneurship in their campus communities.
  • Explore entrepreneurship as a career option.

What are the objectives of Startup Clubs?

The objectives of Startup Clubs are to:

  • Help students experience the world of entrepreneurship through fun activities.
  • Provide a platform for students to learn entrepreneurial skills.
  • Empower students with necessary tools and guidance to develop entrepreneurial mindset.

Who & Why

Who can become a Startup Club member?

  • Anyone can become a Startup Club member.
  • Startup Club members participate in different sets of programs organized through the Startup Club (100+ participating members).
  • About 7-20 E-leaders operate a Startup Club, depending on the size of the institute and the Startup Club member base

What does a Startup Club do?

A Startup Club provides students the space and opportunity to develop the following qualities:

  • Leadership
  • Creativity and critical thinking
  • Innovation and generation of new ideas
  • Opportunity evaluation
  • Business planning
  • Team building
  • Raising resources


Who are E-Leaders?

  • Startup Club leaders (E-leaders) are members who lead and manage the Startup Club. They are responsible for conceptualizing and organizing programs.
  • They are the student administrators of a Startup Club.

What does an E-Leader do?

An E-leader:

  • Manages and organizes all the activities of the Startup Club.
  • Runs the Startup Club and encourages all students to participate in activities.
  • Promotes entrepreneurship among students in the campus.

Why should you become an E-Leader?

Being an E-leader will:

  • Prepare you to multitask and lead team members.
  • Refine your organizational and entrepreneurial skills and boost your confidence.


Develop leadership skills

Startup Clubs help you refine your leadership skills.

Make entrepreneurship enjoyable

  • Startup Clubs make entrepreneurship fun to explore.
  • Late-night idea sessions and career debates with your Startup Club friends can be an important turning point and lead to a startup!

Impart organization building skills

  • You will develop organization building skills by organizing activities and interacting with entrepreneurs.
  • It will motivate you further to start your own company within a few years of graduation.

Provide networking opportunities with:

  • Networks and resources in the business world.
  • Subject matter experts, angel investors, CEOs of organizations including startups, and alumni members.

Provide leads for:

  • Business ideas
  • Raising funds
  • Mentoring for both student and alumni entrepreneurs

Introduce students to an entrepreneurial career

  • Channelize aspiring entrepreneurs into Campus Company Programs or get them to join Startup Internships through the Startup Club Jobs Placement Program.
  • Newly launched startups, especially by Startup Club alumni members, often provide summer placements and projects to students.
  • The entrepreneurial skills you develop will either help you start a venture or contribute effectively to any organization you join in your career